How To Build A PBN

I happen to be new in blogging then you are interested to find out how to build a private blogging network.
Before we provide a full guide, let’s have a closer look at what actually it is. A PBN consists of a number of expired websites that you can have control over. Usually, PBNs have expired high authority websites that by backlinks aid in the development of your money site. By linking those sites your main website, the one that you want to make SEO friendly, you raise chances of having the website on the top list of the search results. The thing is that depending on the number and the quality of the backlinks on your website it can either be on the top page of searched results or on the very bottom. Therefore, through pbn, website owners get backlinks with high quality without putting too much effort on developing an SEO friendly website.

Now that you know why PBNs are one of the most popular topics on all forums, check out to see what needs to be done to build one. The very first thing to do is buy domains via different registrars. This does not mean that you can fill in fake details but registration with the help of different individuals contact details each time. Another thing that needs to be done is have a different hosting for each website. This is very important. The subnet IP address for each website needs to be different, unique for each website. Not less important is the content of the websites. Each website included in the network should have its own, unique content. Duplicated, copied content is will not work in this case.

What most website owners do not pay attention to is the number of links available on each of their websites. Note that each page of your site should have about 4 outgoing links. In fact, some pages can simply not include any outgoing links at all. If you want to reach success avoid linking out to big websites. Also, try to use different anchor texts for each website to avoid having websites on your network looking, all the same, it will lead your network development plan into a complete fail. Another important thing to do is ensure that each of your websites has a good structure including about us/Contact Us/Privacy Policy pages, otherwise, it won’t pass the review.

On the next step, ensure that your PBN is secured from blocking bots. The thing is that there are many backlinks discovering services that can easily identify money-sites and ban them. Luckily there are plugins especially created to help to protect backlinks from being banned. Note that each pin site needs to link to your money site only once.

Last but not least, make it all look real. Always keep in mind that all your websites need to look as realistic as possible. There should be contact information, main content with the mission well-described and a blog section with some standard format blog articles just like The PBN Guys do with their PBN site.