How to fit a bath tub


If you need a new bathtub, you will probably realize that the cost of taking the old one out and replacing the tiles will be just as much or more than the cost of buying a new tub. However, it is possible to get a brand new tub in without touching the tiles by using a bathtub insert. This is a tub that fits into your old one and covers it completely so that it cannot be seen.

You can even do the work of installing it yourself if you are a handyman because it is very easy. The main thing that is needed is to attach the drain hole to the fittings in the other bath. Or rather, change the fitting so that it is attached to your new insert. This does not need a plumber as it is quite simple. It will give your bathroom a whole new look for a very moderate cost. Want to fit your own bathtub?

You may wonder what the difference is between an insert and simply repainting the old bath. Repainting is not really getting a new bathtub; it is making the old one look a bit different. The surface you end up with is not nearly as strong as having a full new tub put in. It can easily be scratched or come off if you use the wrong kind of bath products and the bath will go back to looking horrible.
With bath tub liners you are actually getting a new tub that is guaranteed to last just as long as a new bath tub does. It gives you a new strong surface that you can use any product on – or in – just as you have been doing. You don’t have to throw away your normal cleaning solutions or your favorite bath products in case they harm the surface.

This is a way of getting your old bath tub refinished to look like new because it is new. All you have to do is measure the inside of your present bath, and a new insert will be made especially for it. You can have it installed by the experts or do it you to save even more. And you don’t even have to disturb those tiles, so there will be no need for a tiler.

In fact, the whole job can be done in a few hours, so there is no need to miss out on having that bath you so look forward to at the end of a long day.

You realise, a self-supporting bathtub is much like a piece of furniture. There isn’t much more needed to add onto the tub while installing it within your bathing space. Possibly, the lone point you would have to contemplate is fitting in the plumbing and faucets. Besides that, you could certainly place it exactly on the surface of your bathroom and start using it right away.

Most other tub designs would feature straight lines with clear corners. When combined with all the other fixtures in the bathroom, such as the cupboards and conceits, your showering space may end up partaking a monotonous look. Everything would feel so rigid and inflexible.